What We Do

The Harbour Centre works across the South West of England to initiate and aid the recovery of individuals struggling with substance abuse. Since the 1980s we’ve been collaborating with other organisations in Plymouth and the South West in order to rehabilitate and help anybody, from the young to the elderly, to fight their substance abuse.

We also provide health and social care in relation to substance abuse as well as offering individuals a safe place to make positive changes and the next steps in their life. We’ve long been known for our distinctive approach to dealing with such issues. We aim to provide excellent care to all those that come to us by:

  • Giving community based treatment as a means to recover people from their misuse of substances
  • Offering support and advice to prevent harm and future misuse
  • Caring for the families and loved ones during the recovery process with support and plenty of information

Another main role for The Harbour Centre is to be at the forefront of innovative care and responses to substance misuse. We aim to raise public awareness of the issue too so we can continue to provide outstanding and efficient care for those who are struggling.

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I'm ever so grateful to Harbour for saving my life. You will never know just how grateful I am

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