Keeping safe from STIs / BBVs

Taking precautions, responsibility and action will reduce the risk of acquiring a STI, an unplanned pregnancy or placing yourself and others at unnecessary risk

Following these guidelines will reduce the risk to you and others.

DO make sure that you are prepared, keep yourself protected especially if you are unsure of your own, or your partner’s, current STI status or you do not want an unplanned pregnancy.
DO remember you have the right to make a choice, you should not feel under pressure and you can say NO.
DO take care of your health and wellbeing. Your protection is YOUR responsibility.
DO get yourself tested if you have placed yourself at any risk. The longer any STI remains untreated the greater the risk that your health will be compromised.
DO remember that you can still contract an STI or BBV whilst you are pregnant.

DO NOT assume that you will be safe, the majority of people who have contracted a STI or BBV probably made this assumption too.
DO NOT have any unprotected sexual contact if you are unsure of your own, or your partners, current STI status.
• DO NOT forget that YOU are responsible for your own sexual health. DO NOT leave it up to others to take responsibility for your protection.
• DO NOT forget if you have any concerns seek advice and information from your GP, Family Planning Service or the GUM clinic.
• DO NOT place yourself in vulnerable situations, e.g. becoming intoxicated in unfamiliar surroundings or with people you do not know. Remember you do not have to say yes to suggestions.

GUM = Genital Urinary Medicine
STI = Sexually Transmitted Infections
SAI = Sexually Aquired Infections
BBV = Blood Borne Virus

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