Keeping safe from relapse

By not having a response plan for negative thoughts, feelings or situations you could be increasing the possibility, or likelihood, of a lapse occurring, or a lapse becoming a relapse.

Following these simple guidelines could help you to avoid the risk of a relapse:

  • DO talk yourself through the benefits of not having to use illicit drugs and/or alcohol, reminding yourself of the negative consequences a relapse will bring can be a useful method of controlling cue or trigger responses.
  • DO use any support networks that you have. Talking about your thoughts or feelings can increase your level of self awareness and your ability to avoid relapse.
  • DO plan ahead, avoid as many risky situations as possible, think about how you would like to respond to situations. TAKE CONTROL.
  • DO remember that you have the right to say NO. You do not have to use drugs or alcohol just because someone else wants you to. YOU HAVE CHOICES.
  • DO remember to reward yourself for remaining free of illicit drug or alcohol use, you have earned it. Remember you can have fun without taking risks.
  • DO remember the most important factor influencing your progress is YOU.


  • DO NOT react to challenging situations without thinking about the effect your actions might have on your stability.
  • DO NOT become complacent, staying in control is hard work. Relapses don’t just happen!
  • DO NOT visit places, meet people or place yourself in situations that you think could increase the risk of lapse or relapse.
  • DO NOT ignore your instincts, if you feel vulnerable, or at risk, try to remove yourself from the situation, better still PLAN AHEAD
  • DO NOT replace your original substance of choice with another. Always try to remain mindful of the risks this could present.
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